Receive 25% Cashback On Your Presale Purchase offers you 25% cash back from commission earned on any presale unit you buy through us anywhere in BC. So for example if the purchase of your unit pays a commission of $ 10,000 then you receive $ 2,500 as cash back from us.


Why do you offer cash back commission?

This is our business model and we save our buyers thousands of dollars, which they would never see if they went to the developer directly. This cash back is offered within 14 days of successful completion of the property.


Do I have to sell my home with you to receive this?

While we would appreciate your business, you do not have to sell your home through us.


Is there any catch to this?

None at all! We are licensed RealtorsĀ® registered with the Real Estate Council and the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board.

Feel free to call us 604.928.1000 to discuss your next presale purchase.