What is PresalesBC?

PresalesBC is a website that helps people buy a New Presale unit (condo, town home or single family) through a licensed Realtor® and explore all options and representing your best interest.

Why not buy directly from the developer?

At Presales BC we are committed to help you explore all available options on any particular presale. This will help you in making an informed purchase decision.

Can I negotiate a better deal directly with the developer?

No, typically speaking you cannot. The developer pays a commission to the buyers’ agent, should there be one. If there is no buyer’s agent then the developer saves that commission, however there is no deal for the buyer, as they have to keep the sale pricing consistent.

Does this service include full service?

Yes absolutely! We offer full representation and guidance throughout the transaction just as you would expect.

Why PresalesBC?

We are a team of dedicated Realtors® who work with passion. We provide you with top-notch service to make an informed purchase decision. We represent you and your interests.