Buying Presale Condos In Vancouver? The Ultimate Checklist!

Buying a brand new condo can give you more satisfaction than a resale property. Here is the way to put it, why to invest in a property that is already been lived in, and why not go ahead with a new customizable property? Presale or Pre-construction condos are the best way to get a new property at a good price.


Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying a Presale Condo

Things To Know Before Buying a Presale Condo
When is the project delivery? Is it a credible builder/ developer? Has the builder/ developer been late before? Are appliances included with the condo? If yes, then what appliances shall be provided?
What are other buildings the developer has built? Interim occupancy fee, if any?
Is parking included or is it charged extra? Is the listed price inclusive of taxes?
Is storage included or is it charged extra? Price list of available upgrades, if any?
What is included in the monthly condo fees? What amenities are provided — pools, spas, gyms, etc?
Is water included in monthly condo fees? Security feature?
What does the insurance need to cover? Guest limits in the common spaces

City Development Plans

Make sure to check out what the city administration plans to do with the surrounding in the coming 10-15 years. Talk to the developer clearly about the development of the surrounding area after construction. Things that impact the living conditions and the neighborhood.

Choosing A Layout

Choosing a layout that matched your style of one of the biggest perks of buying a presale condo. You can choose the types of flooring, countertops, cabinets, and more. Just talk about the possibilities!

Rise In Condo Fee

Condo fees are utilized for general maintenance of the whole building and are initially low. But, it generally increases over time and depends on the maintenance cost of the previous year. Usually its 10% increase!

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